Terms & Conditions

Approval of data processing by Make IT Work for Make IT work TalentPitch.

Make IT Work collects data for Make IT work TalentPitch via this website. Make IT Work receives support from Harver in this context. Psychometric test results are also included in the personal data collected and processed by Make IT Work and Harver.


Personal data:
Any detail concerning an identified or identifiable natural person.

The natural person or legal entity establishing the purpose and the means for processing of personal data: Make IT Work.

The party processing personal data for the controller, without being subject to the controller's direct authority: Harver.

Protection of Personal Data

As a candidate you are entitled to protection of your personal data. These privacy regulations were drawn up based on the Personal Data Protection Act. They describe the purpose of the registration and which data is registered in which way.

Terms and Conditions for the Processing of Personal Data

  • Harver processes data and personal data in particular, in a proper and careful manner, and in accordance with legislation and these regulations.
  • Harver collects personal data for a specific, described and justified purpose.
  • Personal data is not processed further in a way that contradicts the purpose for which the data was obtained.
  • The controller is responsible for any loss or damage resulting from failure to observe these regulations.
  • After having been rendered anonymous, the personal data can be used for research aimed at improving services. This includes, but is not limited to the following forms of research: anonymous personal data for groups of people where the individual visitor is not identifiable.

The Way in which Personal Data is Processed

  • Personal data is only processed if such processing is not excessive, considering the purposes for which the data was collected or subsequently processed.
  • Personal data is processed in a proper and confidential way, in accordance with these regulations.
  • The following data is collected and processed by the controller:
    • Name, address, postcode, residential address
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Telephone number, email address
    • Information on employment (history)
    • Psychometric tests
  • Access to relevant personal data is only granted to those employees who require access to the relevant data for performance of their work.

Use of Personal Data

The personal data collected is processed for the following purposes.

  • Establishing and managing TalentPitch and TalentPool and incorporating the relevant data therein.
  • Assessing, selecting and accepting (potential) candidates.
  • Entering into and implementing agreements with (potential) candidates.
  • The use of statistical and scientific insights for management reports or (optimisation of) assessment.

    The (ongoing) structuring or automation of the selection of (potential) candidates.

  • The performance of specific activities aimed at establishing, maintaining or expanding (a) the relationship with (potential) candidates.
  • Approaching participants once only for user research.
  • Managing the relationship with (potential) candidates from TalentPool.

Data Retention Period

  • With due consideration for possible legal requirements, the controller will establish the period for which the relevant personal data will be retained.
  • The personal data for the candidates below will be deleted / rendered anonymous by Harver after 12 months:
    • Candidates who were rejected;
    • Candidates who did not complete the tool;
    • Candidates who did complete the tool, but did not receive a message from the controller;
    • (If approved by the controller:) Candidates in TalentPool.
  • If the retention period has expired, or the candidate requests removal prior to the end of the retention period, the relevant personal data will be removed from the registration and destroyed, within a three-month period.
  • The data can be retained in anonymous form if the relevant data is processed in such a way that it is impossible in all reasonableness to derive the identity of the individuals.

Provision of Information to the Candidate

According to the Personal Data Protection Act, a candidate is entitled to inspect the file containing his or her data, to obtain a description of the purpose of the data processing and the types of data processed. This information can be requested from Harver at any time.

By agreeing to this, you declare to agree to the processing of your personal data in the manner described above.